Precious Dreams Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization that provides gift bags of bed-time comfort items to children in foster homes, foster care and poor communities.  We fulfill our mission with a program titled "Comfort Drop" where we drop off our signature comfort bags that are full of healthy attachments for bedtime.  During each Comfort Drop we also teach the youth the importance of learning to self comfort in order to focus on their dreams.


  • Compassion - Giving sympathy to alleviate suffering and build relationships with precious children.
  • Respect - To be respectful and considerate of those who serve by not questioning or judging their circumstances but understanding that we all have one thing in common as humans and that is the ability to dream.
  • Self-Esteem -To build children’s self-esteem by making them aware of their inner gifts and talents that can eventually help in providing for a better lifestyle. We also hope to teach them ways to find comfort from within.
  • Service -To put our best effort forward to supporting comforting nights and dreams for children in transition.